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Core BioVisuals is a medical illustration and animation company that creates expert visual solutions that are accurate, professional and individualized for the medical industry. We blend traditional and digital medias to create unique images and dynamic animations that educate, inspire and entertain using leading technologies.

Our vision is to create visual breakthroughs with leading technologies.

We are dedicated to:

  • Explore new visionary techniques that help create lasting solutions
  • Provide exceptional draftsmanship
  • Contribute innovative ideas that reach far beyond essential images

Our Skills

Medical Accuracy

Each illustration is backed by extensive medical research in order to create accurate work that brilliantly addresses a client's specific needs.

Creative Ideas

Behind each illustration is a new idea that is finely crafted into a visually stunning product that reflects the quality of the services we provide.

Innovative Design

We embrace the latest technology to ensure we provide the medical industry with beautiful, sleek, and robust solutions

Our Services


Illustrations are heavily researched and confidently rendered with medical accuracy, precision and detail. Media ranges from line, tonal and color, or a combination. Illustrations are created with digital or traditional media.


Created for marketing, advertising and educational purposes, these 3D images can stand alone or be animated. 3D materials, environment and lighting are dependent on the intended purpose and tailored for the appropriate audience.

Graphic Design

Designs are clean, clear and unique. Whether interested in creative logos, marketing brochures, newsletters, or trade show displays, a professional and skilled approach to graphic design helps to create the vision that you have in mind.

Technical Design

Using CAD drawings, we create illustrations, 3D models and animations to aide engineers, medical device companies and manufacturers.

Beauty In Every Way

A medical illustrator is a highly skilled and educated professional of the healthcare world. With advanced medical knowledge and experience, a medical illustrator accurately creates a range of visuals, from instructive illustrations to dynamic animations, for medical professionals seeking to visually communicate ideas and concepts of the life sciences.


Insight through medical illustration.

Our Team


a quick tour of our team and what they do

Cora Brown, MSMI

Owner & Creative Director

Cora Brown is a professional medical illustrator and the founder of Core BioVisuals. She combines her medical knowledge with her artistic talent to create visual solutions for the medical industry. These images are used to educate, engage and inspire others. Her studies and training in the healthcare field is part of the reason why she provides these educational and detailed visuals.

The extensive graduate program at the Augusta University provided the experience of collaborating with medical students and healthcare professionals, exploring surgical practices and learning current technologies to create compelling 2D and 3D images. With her background, the illustrations and animations are medically accurate, effective and visually intriguing. She works with enthusiasm and plans accordingly, so that deadlines and professional standards are met. Her imaginative style reflects a passion for the arts and the sciences that communicates complex ideas in an efficient and compelling manner.

As a medical illustrator, the continuous ability to transform creative ideas into visual solutions and the opportunity to have an impact in the medical industry is extraordinary.

What Clients Say

Jake E. Turrentine M.D.

I am very pleasantly surprised with the high quality of this work. I did not realize how much the Medical Illustrators could do until Cora's project! She has approached the project systematically, diligently, and professionally, and she has developed a great new educational resource for dermatology residents.

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